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Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:portland, Oregon, United States of America
My name is Lucja, but I might change it to Alyssa soon. I used to be the cutter girl with all the problems, but now I'm just the quiet kid in the corner. I'm going through a pretty intense period of self-examination right now, so, I'm pretty cut off from everyone and everything. Right now identifying as asexual and aromantic, and something like homoplatonic (while allowing for various non-binary identites that are not cis men). I'm a homeless white neurodivergent kid with a bunch of personality disorders and scary shit like that, also, I'm a witch. I'm a white Greek person, and I'm maybe a bit younger than the body (the body is 20).

I'm a member of a system of multiples, and maybe one of my headmates will drop in, and at that point they'll add themselves to this... but this is my blog, primarily, so it's not really about them except insofar as they affect my life, which is a lot.
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